Top Blind Dog Toys of 2018

We've ranked the top toys for blind dogs, determined by the numbers purchased through our website throughout 2018. This year ... Read more

Beeping Frisbee For Blind Dogs

I happened across an interesting blind dog toy this evening. It's a beeping frisbee. This frisbee for blind dogs is ... Read more

MultiPet Deedle Dude Singing Rabbit Dog Toy Review

The MultiPet Deedle Dude Singing Rabbit Dog Toy is likely to be a hit with your dog. Unfortunately, I’m not … Read more

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy Review

First off, let me state that if your dog is skittish of loud noises, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is … Read more

JW Pet Giggler Ball Dog Toy Review

JW Pet Giggler Ball “giggles” as it moves, or at least that’s what it’s supposed to do. There are no … Read more

Blind Dog Collars and Harnesses

We know this website is supposed to be about toys for blind dogs, but we’ve sort of widened our mission … Read more

Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy Review

The Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy is designed to engage ALL of your dogs’ senses. If your dog is … Read more

Muffin’s Halo

One of our readers suggested  as a product that might be helpful for blind dogs. I wish this product was … Read more

Top Toys For Blind Dogs

If you’re wondering what toys your blind dog might enjoy, our list of the most popular toys people have purchased from … Read more

Grriggles Chirping Chums Dog Toy

Tomorrow, it will be exactly 6 months to the day that we lost our blind dog toy tester extraordinaire, Sadie. … Read more

Sprong Hexagon Dog Toy

On our trip to Petco today to pick up some more dog food, we ran across the Sprong Hexagon dog … Read more

Kong Squeezz Ball Review

Well, it finally happened. We found a toy that has knocked the Pet Qwerks Animals Sounds Babble Ball off the … Read more

Living With Blind Dogs

I know this site is specifically about toys for blind dogs, but I would also like for it to be … Read more

Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Review

I was a little hesitant to try the  for our dog. Before she went blind, she was not very fond … Read more

JW Pet Cuz Hol-ee Dog Toy Review

Our dog loves her JW Pet Cuz dog toy, which we have come to name “green guy”. She previously had … Read more

JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber Dog Toy

For Christmas this year, we got our dog the JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber dog toy. Our dog had one … Read more

Help Your Blind Dog Find Its Toys

I stopped by Mud Bay Granary today on my quest for blind dog toys. Unfortunately, they didn’t have what I … Read more

Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Ball

Our dog’s most favorite toy is her Air Kong Squeaker Tennis Ball. It’s strange that it’s her favorite, because she … Read more

PetQwerks Jingle X-tire Ball

As mentioned in my first post, the PetQwerks Jingle X-tire Ball was the first dog toy I purchased after our … Read more

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