JW Pet Cuz Hol-ee Dog Toy Review

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Our dog loves her JW Pet Cuz dog toy, which we have come to name “green guy”. She previously had an orange one that lasted her for years, which, as you may have guessed, was called “orange guy”. It is by far one of her favorite dog toys. She loves the fact that it squeaks and it bounces at odd angles, so it’s much more of a challenge for her to follow and find. So, when I ran across the JW Pet Cuz Hol-ee at PetCo, I HAD to get it for her. I’m glad I did because she loves it even more than her regular Cuz dog toy. The outside of the toy is rubber, while the inside has a plush insert containing a squeaker. It’s almost impossible for her to get to the squeaker, so I’m confident this toy won’t be de-squeaked and should last a long time, provided we make sure she doesn’t sneak it outside. (Orange Guy eventually ended up an unfortunate victim of the lawnmower.) She loves the plush insert and will sit and chew the toy, in addition to flinging it around the room and chasing it. When she wants to play, she now favors the JW Pet Cuz Hol-ee over her regular JW Pet Cuz toy and I think it’s the plush insert that makes the difference. I’ve noticed an increase in her play time since we’ve gotten the toy, so if you’re looking for something to get your blind dog playing again, this might be the toy.