JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber Dog Toy

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For Christmas this year, we got our dog the JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber dog toy. Our dog had one of these that she played with before she went blind, but judging from her reaction to it, it’s a perfect toy for blind dogs, too. We had also gotten her a Jolly Pet Vanilla Scented Squirrel as well, but the toy proved too big for her to take in her mouth. It would be perfect for larger dogs (90+ pounds). She went crazy over the scent though, so we will continue our search for a smaller scented toy.

As for the Cuz rubber dog toy, she loved it. It’s made of durable rubber, which is great since she’s a big chewer. It’s also a squeak toy, so it’s a great toy for blind dogs to play interactively with his or her owners. Our dog, however, has a great nose and loves to play with it by herself. She can track it down by scent, even though it doesn’t have any extra added scent. (I suspect being packaged with two other vanilla scented toys, it may have picked up some scent.)

The JW Pet Cuz rubber dog toy comes in many different sizes, colors, and variations. There’s the good cuz, which is just a ball with feet. Then, there’s the bad cuz that is basically the good cuz, but with two little horns on top. There is also the Other Cuz variation that has eyes and is also available in good cuz and bad cuz variations. We ordered the medium for our dog and should be good for dogs from 50 to 90 pounds.