PetQwerks Jingle X-tire Ball

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PetQwerks Jingle X-tire Ball Dog ToyAs mentioned in my first post, the PetQwerks Jingle X-tire Ball was the first dog toy I purchased after our dog became blind. She had stopped playing and had become a bit lethargic and depressed for the months after her blindness began.

Eager to get her out of her slump and back to her happy tail-wagging self again, I bought this jingle ball dog toy when I found it by accident in a local drugstore. As soon as she heard that jingle bell, our dog perked up. When I tossed it across the floor, she followed its motion perfectly using her keen sense of hearing. She snatched it up as if she could see it. After some tail wags and a few test nibbles on the tough plastic, she flung it across the room, barked, and chased after it.

It was so great to see her playing again. She’d always been a very playful and fun loving dog, even playing by herself when we weren’t available to entertain her.

I was afraid this toy wouldn’t be durable enough for our dog, as she’s a strong chewer and regularly destroys “tough” toys. Aside from taking out 2 or 3 little nubs from the tire, the toy has held together well for months now and she hasn’t attempted to destroy it. Your mileage may vary.


  • Durable enough for our strong chewer.
  • Dogs can track the toy by sound.
  • Jingle bell is large and easily heard.
  • Our dog took a strong liking to it and is one of her favorite toys now.


  • Toy is made of plastic, not rubber, and may leave small pieces of plastic if dog does chew. Remember to supervise your dog during use.
  • Jingle ball is large and may not be suitable for smaller dogs. I think smaller sizes may be available, however.

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