Pet Qwerks Plush Hedgehog Interactive Dog Toy Review

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Pet Qwerks Plush Hedgehog Interactive Dog Toy

Here’s another toy from Pet Qwerks. If your dog loves the Pet Qwerks Babble Ball, this toy might just be another hit with them. This cute little hedgehog plush makes chattering noises when you squeeze its tummy. The noise lasts for a second or two after each squeeze, so it’s a great toy for your blind dog to be able to locate when playing. This is also perfect if your dog loves playing a little indoor fetch.

First off, there are a few caveats with this toy.

  1. This toy should only be used under supervision. There is a chip and battery inside and curious dogs may be able to get to them if left alone unsupervised.
  2. This toy is NOT for chewers. This is a comfort toy and is not durable enough to withstand even moderate chewers.

Many reviewers of the toy on Amazon say this hedgehog is their dog’s favorite toy. Some customers even have regular subscriptions to receive replacements since their dogs love them so much, you could say… to pieces. It comes in two sizes, 4.5″ and 7.5″. While most reviewers give it high marks for giftability and medium marks for value for money, it scores slightly lower marks on sturdiness, durability, and longevity.

Overall, we give this toy a rating of:

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Pet Qwerks Plush Hedgehog Interactive Dog Toy.

Pet Qwerks Plush Hedgehog Interactive Dog Toy



  • Great for gentle dogs who love to cuddle and fetch toys.
  • The chattering really excites dogs’ senses.
  • Made of soft, pleasant material.
  • Not durable enough for chewers.
  • Not for unsupervised play, since a chip and battery are inside.

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Now, enjoy this minute of a boxer having the time of his life with the Pet Qwerks Plush Hedgehog Interactive Dog Toy.