Sprong Hexagon Dog Toy

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On our trip to Petco today to pick up some more dog food, we ran across the Sprong Hexagon dog toy and decided to give it a try. The pup has been a little lethargic lately and we thought a new toy just might pep her up. We figured the Sprong would make a good toy for blind dogs because it’s squeaky and the surface is soft and velvety which would be excellent for retaining smells.

Our dog took to the new toy instantly. She loves squeaky toys (and de-squeaking them). One of the nice things about this toy is that when it bounces, it does make a slight squeak, so it can be tracked by sound. We were planning on putting the toy in a plastic bag with some of her treats so it would absorb the smell, making it easier for her to track by smell. Well, after about an hour of play, she can already track the toy by smell. That’s both good and bad. Yes, she can smell it, but it’s also rather soggy and disgusting. She loves it though, and that’s the best part.

She did manage to de-squeak it. The little plastic squeaky part came out of the hole. However, my husband put it back in and it squeaked again. The look our dog gave him was priceless. She couldn’t believe it. “Papa, you can work magic!” It was adorable. So, she’s back to squeaking and flinging some more and we’re having to watch to make sure she doesn’t take it outside.

Here are some pics of the pooch in action. The pup agrees, Sprong Hexagon makes an excellent blind dog toy! She has played with it so much her first night with it, she has tired herself out. Look at that happy face!