Kong Squeezz Ball Review

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Well, it finally happened. We found a toy that has knocked the Pet Qwerks Animals Sounds Babble Ball off the pedestal as favorite toy for our dog. On our last trip to PetCo, we picked up the Kong Squeezz Ball on impulse as we neared the checkout. Our dog is a strong chewer, so Kong is one of the few brands of dog toys that holds up to her chewing.

Our dog really enjoys the texture and chewiness of the Kong Squeezz Ball. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), she was able to de-squeak it (we’re not sure how) in a few minutes. It now only swishes out air instead of squeaks when you squeeze it. Fortunately, that in no way diminishes the fun she has with it. She has taken the ball upstairs, tried to sneak it outside, and has gone on searches for it, whining for help if she can’t find it. We’ve offered her the Babble Ball, thinking that’s what she was looking for, but no, she wants her Kong Squeezz Ball. She still plays with her Babble Ball, but she really enjoys the chewiness of the new ball. It really stands up to her tough chewing.

Our dog does need a little supervision on occasion while playing with this ball, due to the fact she de-squeaked it. It’s harder to track when it doesn’t make as much sound upon bouncing, though the raised surfaces do cause it to make noise upon rolling on hard surfaces. Still, she does pretty well all by herself and only needs help once in a while. I’m glad we picked this up. It has plenty of playtime value for the price.