Beeping Frisbee For Blind Dogs

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I happened across an interesting blind dog toy this evening. It’s a beeping frisbee. This frisbee for blind dogs is made out of foam covered with light canvas and has a pocket for the included battery-operated beeping device. It doesn’t fly as well as a regular frisbee, but your dog probably won’t mind. Unlike a lot of the other bling dog toys we’ve reviewed, the beeping on this toy is constant, so if it stops moving, your blind dog should be able to find it just fine.

Another interesting feature of the beeping frisbee is that you can remove the beeper. Have a stuffed toy your dog loves? Attach the beeper or stuff it inside and play hide and seek! The makers of this toy also make a beeping soccer ball as well.

The beeping frisbee is not sturdy enough for heavy chewers, so we recommend that this toy is only used during supervised play. This toy is not waterproof.

As a toy for blind dogs, we rate this toy: 


Continuous Beeping For Easy Finding
Removable Beeper Can Be Used With Other Toys


Not For Heavy Chewers

The Beeping Frisbee is available at Amazon and is made by The Braille Superstore.

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