Top Blind Dog Toys of 2018

We’ve ranked the top toys for blind dogs, determined by the numbers purchased through our website throughout 2018. This year there’s a new top toy, surpassing the Pet Qwerks Babble Ball. There are also a few new toys that haven’t appeared on previous year’s lists.

Top Blind Dog Toys of 2018

Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy

We reviewed this toy in March of 2017 (Read Review). The Ethical Pets Sensory Ball Dog Toy was the most popular blind dog toy of 2018. Most owners reported their dogs loved it, as it engaged their remaining senses: hearing, smell, taste, touch.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

We reviewed the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball in April of 2017 (Read Review). This toys was a bit too much for smaller dogs and sound sensitive dogs (it’s loud), but some dogs absolutely loved it! And so did some babies! (Check out the videos on the review page!)

Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball

We reviewed the Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball in May 2012 (Read Review). It continues to be one of the most popular balls for blind dogs, since the sounds continue to play for several seconds after the ball stops moving. Watch our dog Sadie demonstrate it on the review page!

The Braille Superstore Beeping Frisbee

We reviewed the Braille Superstore Beeping Frisbee in April of 2018 (Read Review). This toy was a nice change of pace. Most blind dog toys tend to be balls, but we know there are pups out there that loved to play with frisbees before they went blind. The great thing about this toy is that the beeper is removable and can be used in other ways to entertain your dog.

Multipet Look Who’s Talking Plush Chick 5-Inch Dog Toy

Surprisingly, we haven’t written a review for the Multipet Look Who’s Talking Chick! But we found it to be very popular in the blind dog community and very popular with dogs who love stuffed toys. Look for a review of this in the future.

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